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Thursday, November 19, 2009


My afternoon did not go well today. We got down to naps late. It stressed me out a bit, so I didn't really get a nap. When my alarm went off, I started to get ready for work. Then, I washed one of my brand new (as of Tuesday) contact lenses down the sink!!!! This is bad, because since I hadn't been to the eye doctor since before Talia was born, my prescription has changed for the worse. They gave me a trial pair in my new prescription of the same type of contacts I have been wearing for the past few years. However, they wanted me to try a new type of contact, for my astigmatism, that they did not have strong enough ones in stock (yes, my eyes are pretty terrible. But Pretty :)). So, they only gave me one pair. Which I only wore once before carelessly washing one down the sink. So, now I'm at work in my glasses. Which wouldn't bother me, except now that I know how much better I can see with my new prescription, I'm bummed about how poor my eyesight is tonight. So, after I spent 10 minutes searching the bathroom, hoping I'd just dropped it on the floor somewhere(no such luck) I was behind for getting ready for work. I kept dropping things while putting on my makeup. I guess it didn't help that I was putting it on blind. I had got the wrong pair of scrub pants out of the dryer for the shirt I wanted to wear, so I had to get the correct, but slightly wrinkled pair out to wear. I couldn't find any change for my fountain drink. Luckily, my friend's husband was manning the window, and he gives me my drinks for free. THANK YOU MATT!!! I did manage to get Talia dropped off at daycare, and to work on time. Hopefully that means my unlucky streak is ending, and our night at work will be fine.

I haven't had time to post this week...I have a bunch of cute pics, and some cute stories about my kids...but it will have to wait until I'm at home with access to my camera and my computer!


Rachael said...

You've worn me out and built up my stress level all from me reading this. Maybe you should try some breathing technics while your at work to de-stress and relax yourself (if you get a minute).

I love contacts as well. I also have an astigmatism. Every time I get the trial pair from the doctor they are right. But never when I get them in from the sales people at Costco. Stinkin' people don't know how to order the right Rx. Which means I'm stuck with my glasses (Plus I'm lazy).

Mindy said...

What a day!! I hope it got better...