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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Celebration Time!

We had a celebration today. Cole's younger brother, David, and his wife, Amanda, are expecting a baby in a few weeks. It's been a long road of infertility and heartache for them (and by extention, the rest of us) so we are all THRILLED to welcome baby Danielle into our family. Today, Toni and I gave Amanda a baby shower (well, really both of them, but we stuck to the traditional model :)).

The food was amazing (and right now, I just realized I forgot to get a pic of the food table, and I'm kicking myself). We did appetizers and desserts. YUM, yum.

Amanda and her Mom
From February 2010

My niece Alyssa and me
From February 2010

Everyone was thrilled when Amanda got into the spirit!
From February 2010

I had to post this cute and amazing!
From February 2010
(I'm totally copying it)

This is Xander, one of my NICU miracles.
From February 2010
Xander wasn't supposed to live to leave the NICU, because of his disablities. He also happens to be the son of David's best friend Tony and his wife Katey. I was glad to see him today. I've been struggling with my job lately, and Xander reminded me of why I love what I do. The miracle of what I do. Anyway....

From February 2010
Heavenly father only blessed me with one sister by blood, but gifted me with a couple of sister in law's who are as close as sisters to me (Yes, Brenda, that means you too!)

The Mommy and the Grandma's!
From February 2010

When David showed up to cart home the gifts, he really got into the "Daddy" spirit....

From February 2010

David and Amanda, we are so excited, and know you will be great parents!!!

Special thanks to everyone who helped me out with things!

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