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Monday, February 15, 2010

"I Need Somefing Choklat Mama"

How could any Mama resist that statement? Especially since I totally understand the need for a girl to have her chocolate :)
Talia is definitely a girl who inherited the Coop family chocoholic gene from her Mama.

I had the MOST WONDERFUl Valentines day. We don't go all out for Valentines, but we do like to spend the day showing our affection for each other.

I came home from work Sunday morning to find a surprise waiting for me...
From February 2010
...awww...that put me in a very loving mood! ;)

I put out our Valentines for the kids (the M&M tubes) and the cards from their Grandma and Grandpa, and went to bed.

When I got up, I got Talia and I ready, and decided to try an experiment with some new curlers I bought.
From February 2010
From February 2010
Talia liked them a lot....

I even decided to try them in my own hair.
From February 2010
I've been struggling with my natural curls lately. Since I've been growing my hair longer, the problems I had with my hair as a teenager (that I had really forgotten about) have come back. It's been coarse, unruly, and frizzy. I hoped that maybe using a curler to form curls would help. I liked the results (a pic of that in a minute) except that it was still frizzier than I would like. I guess it's back to the heavy duty frizz control stuff for awhile. Oh well.

I post this next picture to give you a reality check on my hair situation..
From February 2010
NO, that is not the flash bouncing off my hair. Those are my very white roots. My haircolor(well, really to have any color in my hair), which I love, is very high maintenance. This day was close to 26 days from my last color appointment. I have an appointment this week, on day 30. I use a root cover up from 2 weeks out until I can't stand it any more. Someday, I'll go to my natural white, but not yet. :)

Back to Valentines...I had seen these really cute cookies online on Saturday night. I really wanted to make a treat for our families for V-Day, so I decided to try it.
They turned out cute, but I overcooked them a little(I kept forgetting to set the timer) so they weren't as yummy as they might have been. I will definitely try them again, though.
From February 2010
We went out to dinner at Goodwood. YUM!
From February 2010
From February 2010
From February 2010
From February 2010
We had a good time. Then we delivered our baked goods, and hung out at my brother's house for awhile. He showed me some tricks for using photoshop that I have yet to be able to try, considering that I have been working and have had other projects to occupy my time. Soon, I hope.

I felt very loved on Valentines. I hope everyone else did too!


The Vining's said...

Talia is so big!!! What a pretty little lady she's becoming!! Ur such a cute mom Jen!! Those curlers look cool did they give u the curl u wanted???

Judith said...

Embrace the curls. Which is hard to do when all your hair wants to do is either be frizzy or stringy (my problem)

Glad that v-day was special for you and yours.

Cam said...

Jen you have an adorable Lil Diva there. Did you love those curlers or what. I haven't tried them on my hair but I love them for Vans!