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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love this age!

From February 2010

At least this moment was fun. It's been a trying few days filled with cuteness and tantrums. Drama, Drama, Drama.

Yesterday I was exhausted from working. Imagine my surprise, confusion, and irritability when my sweet, charming daughter threw a 30 minute tantrum because I wouldn't let her play with a AA battery. Yes, seriously. A battery. She cried for an hour after spilling spaghetti on her Snow White dress up. Today at least, I was more philosophical about the's amazing how much my perception can change on a full night's sleep. Tonight's major tantrum was because I wouldn't let her sleep in her "poopy-dot" (polka dot) pants, and I took the "bown" (bow) out of her hair. The bow was red with polka dots too...she's really into polka dots these days, and her polka dot jammies are in the laundry. I have been warned many times about "girl drama", but it seems it is starting to hit full force in our house...

On the upside, we had great Parent-Teacher Conferences. Both boys are delights, nice, smart, and have TERRIBLE handwriting when rushed (which is most of the time ;)) Oh, well. I have other battles to fight with them, handwriting isn't one I choose. Eventually, they can type most things.

Kyle is busily finishing up his science fair project, and then we'll be doing his state report. Speaking of...if anyone can think of ANYTHING interesting about Michigan, let me know...because all I can think of is a crappy football team and a pretty big federal bailout that still took my car brand away (Pontiac).

I had a lot of fun today making invitations and candy (for party favors) for the baby shower my Mother in Law and I are throwing for my younger sister in law. (Thanks for the loan and tips worked great!)


Mindy said...

Do you need to borrow some of our nicknames? ;) I am glad that they worked out for you. My dad is from Michigan so I will think of some interesting facts for you.. besides that it was the murder capital of the US for a few years.

Rachael said...

Oh... wow! Now I know a little more of what I have to look forward to in the future.

Kimmy has screamed at me for taking batteries away from her also. The weirdest thing the scream over. Maybe it's the size and how easy they are to hold.

I hope your baby shower goes well.