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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cure for the winter blahs...

It happens to me every year about this time. The weather is a bit warmer, the snow starts to melt (leaving dirty, blah looking everything), and I start to get the winter blahs. Not blues, just seems like winter is dragging on.

I've been saving my spending allowance since December. At Christmas time, I don't buy myself anything because I can get it for Christmas. In January, I'm still enjoying my Christmas gifts, and don't feel the need for anything new. February comes around, however, and I'm in serious need for some retail therapy. Something new, to ease over the winter and into the spring. Plus, I had a coupons from Victoria's Secret, New York and Co, Famous Footwear, and Maurices to ease the sticker shock.

We've been trying really hard in our house for the past year or so to completely live within our means. We no longer use credit cards. I've been being really good about living within a budget, funneling extra money into our necessary debt, building a food storage, and building our savings. It was nice today to be able to spend my saved "allowance" on myself...

From February 2010
(in Maurice's dressing room)
Talia loves to shop with me, and she was a really good girl today. I was even able to let her get out of the stroller...she stayed right with me and was a delight.
I went to the Layton Hills mall and had great luck. I got 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts at Maurices. 2 Graphic T's from American Eagle (I LOVE AE's graphic T' absolute fav). A new Bra and a sleep shirt at Victoria's Secret, along with my free gift ;). I didn't find anything at Famous Footwear, but my coupon is still good for awhile, so I'll go look in Riverdale one of these days. I didn't even go to New York and Co, because I found the most amazing pants at Maurices. They fit like jeans, but are easy to dress up and down.

Talia and I had lunch at the food court. Chick Fil A for me, and Mcdonalds for her...
From February 2010

After we left, I had a couple of errands I needed to run on the way home. Talia and I had some "silly time" in the car, so that I could keep her awake. I ran to Sports Authority to pick up some ski goggles that were on sale this week. I've been watching for them to go on sale, the goggles are the last thing I needed (other than ski's, boots, poles and bindings--and I have to save for those) to have all my ski clothes and accessories.

Tonight, I'm attending a purse party one of my friends is having. I'm hoping to round out my therapy with a new bag, but I'm feeling pretty wonderful about my day.

Bye, bye blahs!


Rachael said...

I love shopping, I also don't like when the snow melts and everywhere looks dirty.

I hope you have fun at the purse party. I want to see what you get. I know you'll find something cute (that I'll like.) And want. lol

Six-Pack Momma said...

sounds like fun!

Julie said...

Shopping is always more fun when you actually find some good stuff. Glad your trip was successful.

Mindy said...

It is my stress relief! I am glad that I don't get stressed out too much, but I have vowed to try to stay clear of Target for a while.. ;)