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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Science Fair 2010

Let's just skip over the my very upsetting Sunday, and go straight to the good news.

Kyle was required to do a science fair project this year. He picked his project from a list of projects on the internet. He worked hard and did a great job...I am really proud of his hard work!

Setting up...
From February 2010

From February 2010

From February 2010

Everyone was fascinated by the coiled wire "motor"..and how it spun...
From February 2010


Our family said...

What a great project! I thought about you Sunday as I was cheering on the Saints! So sorry for your loss. But, the game won my husband 200 dollars! Love ya! I have some clothes for you too!

Judith said...

Sorry to hear you had an upsetting Sunday.

Glad the Science Fair is done for you. I still have all mine to go