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Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's been a really, really, really long week.....

So, It's been a long and somewhat crappy week.

I worked. It was a long, busy night, trying to keep a set of micropreemie twins alive.

I was able to get all-day daycare for Talia, so after I got Kyle off to school, I dropped her off, then went home and tried to sleep. I didn't sleep very well...I never do during the day if I have to wake up for awhile, but I did get to lay there and doze all day, which makes a huge difference in how I feel when I have to go back to work for the second in a row. So, then I went back to work, where I spent the night trying to keep the same babies alive and well....they still here tonight, so I guess it's all good.

After having such a busy night at work, I was exhausted. I was cranky, and then we finally got it out of Kyle...he hadn't been honest with us. When he said his friend wanted to be partners, and we said no, he didn't tell us that he and his friend had SIGNED UP together to be partners...I was so, so angry...and so, so hurt that he had been lying to me almost daily for 2 weeks....I really felt like my heart was bleeding, I couldn't eat, and later I couldn't sleep....Cole finally ordered Kyle to the car, and they drove over to the boy's house to straighten it out with his turns out, they didn't realize the scope of the work that we had done, and were really upset that their son hadn't done any of the work. I felt better that we had worked all that out, and they took over doing the sign for the business...and the boys will stay partners, and will work together to replenish their stock.

Talia turned 13 months, and just like Kyle (I looked back at the scrapbook to check), she started walking. 13 months to the day for both of them. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to watch those unsteady them learn to turn corners, and navigate obstacles...she's really doing pretty well. I also had the conversation with Kyle...I told him how I felt like it was cheating for him to do all the work, and his friend not do any, and they were 50/50 partners...and how I felt like because of the way it happened, Cole and I were forced into helping them cheat. I tried to emphasize how wrong I felt that was...and tried to explain to him how every time he lies to me it's like he's beaten me up...that I actually physically hurt. I understand it's partially the age, but it's been so, so hard on me.

So, Mini's the stand....they cleaned up. They made $600 between the skulls and the bracelets....they sold about half of their stock of both. They also had 6 "crystal" skulls...made of casting resin. They sold those for the most they could, and sold out of those early. They're planning to make more of those. Talia had fun too...first thing I did, I went and bought candy from the "8 treats for $1 " booth...gave her a dum dum sucker. She was a sticky mess, but she enjoyed it immensly. She also had smarties for the first time, and liked them a lot.
Saturday: baby did really good walking in sandals(and on uneven ground) for the first time.
Alec saw me getting ready to take the picture, so he posed....
I actually managed to get some good shots of Kyle as well....Kyle played really well today, had 2 really good blocked goals when he played goalie, and played well as both a defender and forward also.
So, that's the end of our I'm here at work again. Hopefully, next week will be a bit calmer...

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