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Friday, August 22, 2008

Busy Busy....

It's been such a busy week for me...getting the kids and school stuff all wrapped up....but looking at everyone else's blogs, I don't feel that guilty. It seems everyone else is too busy to post too.... Talia had a fun time playing with her younger cousin Hunter on Sunday. Well, actually, she enjoyed taking away every toy she saw him playing with, and playing with them herself. Kyle had Pack meeting this week, and we thought he was getting his Bear badge...but we are 1 required short. He did, however, get 2 beads, the belt loops for the things he passed off at scout camp, and his Whittling badge...we're very proud of him.
Last night was Back to School night, and the family fun fair. Christie, it was really fun, and came together great, you did a good job. The boys wanted to do the climbing wall (I did too, but I Cole hadn't made it yet, and I had Talia with us)...they made it about 1/2 way up before Kyle got too tired, and Alec got scared of the height. I can't keep this cat out of the dryer, the kitchen cabinets, off the table and counters...anything open. I spray him with the spray bottle, but he just goes off, gives himself a bath, and is right back up to no good...I don't have 1 toddler, I have 2. Indy is currently spending his second night at the Vet...he was neutered and front de-clawed yesterday. He cried all the way, and I had a hard time handing him over. After all, I've had surgery, I know how he's going to feel for the next couple of days. Hopefully, he won't be mad at us....

And yes, my disclaimer is back up, although in a different form. And my only explanation is that if you don't understand the purpose of a blog, and can't relate to the fun, just don't read it. No one likes to be talked about behind their back.

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min said...

How did I not see you guys at the fun fair?