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Friday, August 29, 2008

Pasketti Face...

Ok, so I know that EVERYONE has pictures of their kids like this...but it's so dang cute!!! Talia inhaled the spaghetti I made the other night like she'd never eaten before in her life...She also had it EVERYWHERE on her entire upper body...but oh well. She's also intentionally doing the whole "cheesy grin", where she crinkles up her eyes, every time I get the camera out. It's really cute....
And she's talking. I think. It's funny...I don't know if she's really speaking in phrases, or if she's just copying the sounds I make at certain when she's in her high chair, when she gets fussy I've always said "do you want to get down now?" So, now when she's done, she says "get down now", without the enunciation. she really talking, or does she just connect the sounds I've always made to being washed and taken out of her high chair? She does say some other words, understands what they mean....
Another new thing she's doing is to drag our clothes all over the house...out of the clean laundry, out of the dirty laundry, it really doesn't matter. If she thinks we need to put clothes on, she brings us clothes. And she's pretty good at bringing me my clothes, and Cole his clothes. So, Cole put his shirt on her, and she thought it was soooooooo funny...she laughed and laughed.
Dad, I want you to know I made sure I posted just so that you would have something to look at while you were working tomorrow. Love you.
And no matter what Cole posts on his blog, there will be NO "Bat People" created on the property that I live on. The END of discussion.

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Anonymous said...

Girls!!! She is darling. How old is she? She will keep you on your toes! Trust me I have 3....Good Luck!