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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I've had a lot of distractions going on to keep me from posting the last week. Cole actually asked me of some of the distractions had soured me on blogging...that is definitely NOT the case, I've just been occupied with other things.

We had Alec's friend birthday party on Saturday...

I wish we'd had a better turnout...but oh well. We invited all the little boys in the area his age...I debated about the little girls as well, decided against it, and later wished we had. Oh well. He still had a great time, that's what matters.

Opening presents....Alec is wayyyyyyyyyy into Bionicles right now, so he was very excited to get this one!

We had the party at Classic Fun Center in Layton(where we had Kyle's party last December). Once again, they did a GREAT job...we didn't have to do anything but sit there and enjoy. We ordered a pizza this time, and I was surprised at how GOOD it really was excellent. My only complaint was that it was quite warm inside...I guess it's hard to keep it cooled down when they have to blow so much hot air to keep the bounce area's inflated.

The funniest thing was when Cole got rollerskates (skates, not blades) on all the boys...I took some pics, with a lot of different settings on my camera, but none of them turned was too dark and they were moving too fast.

We've just been coasting since then...Church on Sunday, a walk with my parents Sunday night, Monday I was on call for work...and had a massive headache, so I laid around most of the afternoon. Really not much going on...


Mindy said...

His party looked like so much fun.. I know Lynnie-Lou would have had a blast!! She and Ash still fight over and sometimes take turns in who will marry Alec. :)

BookwormMom said...

I'm glad to know times, he's such in his own little world that I wonder if he will ever come out of it long enough to find his soulmate!