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Sunday, July 5, 2009

The "Family"

This is the "Family". Here's how it started.....

During last year's Christmas shopping, I had seen a "My First Dollhouse" early in Novemeber. I kept it in mind, and when it came time for my parents to get Talia something, it seemed perfect. However, by that time, I was unable to find it in ANY store locally. We ended up paying more money to buy it over the internet. I was really excited about it, but she was lukewarm in her feelings toward it...Until she turned 2. Shortly after her second birthday, all of a sudden she was ALWAYS playing with the dollhouse. Both with the Family, and with all of her little animals. Lately, though, the Mommy, Daddy, and the Baby come EVERYWHERE with us. In the shower, to the pool, to the store, in the amazes me how she mimics the dynamics of our household with her little toys. I also love that she loves playing with "action figure" type dolls.

Thinking about this new milestone...the need for a specific toy as a security object...made me think about the boys and their favorite toddler toys. For Kyle, it was "pica and char", aka Picachu and Charmander, characters from the show "Pokemon" that were the toppers on his first birthday cake. Alec's favorite was a Buzz Lightyear...a minature sized one. We had several of them, but for him it always had to be a specific for the boys, all they want is their video games.
I miss the simpler days.

Also this week, on my day off I went shopping. I had birthday money to spend, and coupons to a couple of my favorite stores. I stopped in at Babies R Us...I had a coupon and wanted to know if they'd started putting out their fall stuff. We were looking around, and next think I knew, Talia had grabbed a really cute shirt off the nearest rack. She held it up next to her body, looked up at me, smiled, and said," So Cute! Princess,". I couldn't help but laugh...and buy it for her with my coupon. I know...I'm in trouble. But it's such fun trouble.

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Mindy said...

I love seeing how they interact too.. Peyton has started saying "baby" now.. I love it!