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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Cheer!

I had a nice morning/afternoon making truffles and dipping Oreos. It's been awhile...I couldn't find my truffle recipe (we lost it when we moved...I had printed another one, but it also disappeared) so I had to go print another copy. They aren't all perfect but they taste AMAZING!!! I made Peanut Butter Truffles with milk chocolate coating and Semisweet Truffles with bittersweet coating. I also dipped both regular oreos(the winter ones...for some reason, I love the red oreo centers) and the special edition candy cane oreos in milk chocolate. With white chocolate decoration. I have a couple more yummy projects to complete...hopefully on Monday.

Cole and I also completed the bulk of our Christmas shopping tonight, which leaves me feeling both relieved and excited.

On the Alec front...we had another incident today. Cole and I were discussing it while shopping, and it hit us...Kyle acts out like this when he's having social problems at school. Cole asked Alec about it tonight, and it appears that it may be a bullying problem that is causing him to act out. Cole discussed with him how to deal with bullies(today he was threatened to be beaten up, and apparently these 2 boys are also refusing to let him play with their group) but now I'm faced with a decision. I was bullied, and it left deep scars. I also remember, however, that my mom did EVERYTHING possible to help me deal with the bullies...she was my staunch defender, always. I call the principal to report this? Do I give it some time, and see if Alec can handle it now that we've given him options? I don't want my kids to ever think that I didn't do enough to help him in situations like mom was the only thing that got me through the bullies in my past. I'm leaning towards calling the school in the morning, because threatening violence is definitely against the rules (Kyle once got a disciplinary warning for shoving a kid that was trying to pull his shirt off).

Oh, the trauma that comes with being a parent...hoping that you make the right decisions about your kids at least most of the time.


Rachael said...

Yummy stuff!

I hope everything works out for Alec, that's a tough call. Bullies are the worst thing.

TiGi said...

I'm for giving the school a head's up. I'm sure there are rules against the bullying. Back when Alec's dad was in school the kids had more things they were allowed to do to deal with this sort of thing. Now, some of that has been taken away, but if the school is at least aware of the problem, they can keep an eye out. That wouldn't necessarily stop it, but it gives them a chance, at the school, to, maybe, talk to everyone again. Remind everyone of the rules.

Of course, that's just my opinion now. What do I know? You could always tell Alec to tell them his grandma will come kick their butt. She knows Tae-bo, after all. But some how, I don't think that would do the trick.

Back in the day, my day as a parent, I think handling it was different and I'm not sure I did it right then.

Mindy said...

The treats do look yummy! Good luck with Alec.. you already know to let your instincts guide you.

Julie said...

The treats look delicious. There are times when an "owner's manual" would be really helpful in raising kids. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Im with you on the parenting thing. I don't remember thinking about these kinds of things when I was ready to start my family. It is so hard to watch them hurt but you also want them to learn to resolve things themselves....when do we step in? Good Luck with everything, I know that you will make the right decision. Only you and the Lord know whats best. (and Cole)

Love the dipped Oreos!!!!