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Sunday, December 13, 2009

For the Love.....

Truly. It was quite apparent last night how much my husband loves both me and our he hauled them all to South Ogden's "Old Fashioned Christmas" party...WITHOUT MY HELP!

You see, I had to work. No one to cover, no chance of getting out of my shift. Kyle's choir was asked to perform. Cole said of course he'd be fine taking all the kids. Of course, that was before it started dumping snow.....

From December 2009

(apparently, Talia was being difficult...refusing to keep her hat and gloves on.)

From December 2009


From December 2009


From December 2009

Kyle and his choir

From December 2009

Grandma came to help...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

From December 2009


From December 2009

Alec and Santa

From December 2009

Kyle, Talia and Santa....notice that Tali's more interested in her candy cane than anything else....

It was cold and wet, and Cole's glad it's over. I'm just grateful that I have him to depend on when I can't be there...not every woman is so blessed. Love you Cole!


Rachael said...

What a Sweetie! He just earned some brownie points for that one. ;)

Mindy said...

What a good guy! He survived?! ;)