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Monday, August 30, 2010

Another First...

Talia had her first dance class today!!!

I've been looking forward to this almost since she was born...her being old enough for dance (in all fairness, I looked forward to the boys starting sports too...if they have to get older, I should have something to look forward to!) I had looked into Dance a little bit, but hadn't done anything about it. Last Thursday there was a flyer on my doorstep for Spotlight Dance. It was perfect. They are only a couple of minutes from my house, and they had a class at the perfect time to fit with my schedule.

I've been excited, and I know Talia didn't exactly grasp the concept of a dance CLASS....

With her cute teacher Mackenna...
From August 2010

Moving as a group...
From August 2010
(there will be a couple more in her class, there was a miscommunication with some of the parents about when it started)

From August 2010
From August 2010

From August 2010

(all the pics of the actual class were taken behind the 2 way glass, no flash, -2 EXP and 800 ISO...that's why they're a bit grainy. I lightened them in photoshop just a bit, but I was really pleased with how they turned out!)

All Done!
From August 2010

It was obvious Talia's never been in a class before, she distracted easily and didn't always do quite what she was supposed to. Her teacher was really good at just getting her back on track...and I'm sure she'll get better at it as time goes on. It was so funny to watch her, though...

I'm so glad I got her signed up!


Mindy said...

Spotlight is pretty awesome!! They have great teachers there.

UtahWarehouse said...

Looks like fun! I didn't want my girls to do dance so I didn't have to pay for recital's!! Maggie just started tumbling though and loves it! Talia is getting so big! Miss you tons!

Rachael said...

She looks so happy.