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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Baby Shower...

Last night we (me, my mom, and Brenda) threw a baby shower for my sister Heidi. It's been a really long road for Heidi to find the right guy, and start her family, and I just have to say...I am so thankful that Adam came into our family. He is such a great guy, and such a wonderful husband to Heidi. After all the years of watching my sister date guys not worthy of her, I am SOOOOOO glad she and Adam found each other.

Now they've taken the next step, and baby Logan is due in about 5 weeks. I love to throw a party, so it was really fun to put a baby shower together with my Mom and Brenda.

I was in charge of dessert. Like my mom, I don't love to cook, but I do love to bake. Add that to Mindy's influence, and I've discovered that I like to make the presentation as pretty as the baked goods are yummy.
I made our family recipe chocolate chip cookies, which are always a hit, and mini cupcakes.
From August 2010
I decided to try a new recipe for the batter...something specifically for cupcakes. It was really good....and even this morning when I indulged in 2 cupcakes for breakfast, was still really moist and yummy. I took a hint from Mindy, and used the smaller nut cups to bake the cupcakes in. It was GREAT, I was able to fit 25 on a cookie sheet, and only had to run my oven for an hour. (Thanks, Mindy!) Let me tell you, if you have a lot of cupcakes to make, using the nut cups is the way to go.

We always do open house just seems to be easier for more of our large extended family to come if things are a little less structured. We had a great turn out...
From August 2010
From August 2010
(baby cousin's baby, the namesake of my Grandma, and one of my NICU babies...she is so beautiful I just had to post her picture!)
From August 2010
Heidi and my cousin Melody...they are both having boys and due 2 weeks apart, so we just had to compare bellies!
(they look enough alike to be sisters, don't you think? Gotta love the strong DNA on my dad's side of the family!)
From August 2010

After the shower, Talia and I headed home. The sky was so stunning, with all the clouds, and the thunderstorms brewing over Layton, that I decided to get some pictures. I headed to the back of the Baptist church that sits on the top of the hill, and Talia and I walked to the edge to take some pics...
From August 2010
Check out my picture blog for the rest...

From August 2010


Rachael said...

Aww...Dang! So I guess I don't get a cupcake! ;)

Aren't baby showers the funnest?

I like the picture of Talia walking back to the car.

Mindy said...

nut cups are awesome!! love the pics. can't believe it is so close for your sis!!