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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I have the sweetest baby....

It was a very good day at our house. And that's saying something, because I worked last night, and didn't have an all day babysitter for my Talia. My sweet girl....she slept in until she heard my alarm, and then we got up to get Kyle off to school....She played on the floor, and let me lay on the couch...Alec was also a big help, and played with her...then she went down for a nap at 9:30. I had decided last night to let her sleep as long as she wanted to in the morning, and if I didn't get an afternoon nap before work, I would just deal with it. She slept until 11:00, which means so did I!!! Now I was up to 5 hours of sleep....and feeling really pretty good. We had lunch, got Alec off to school, and got ourselves ready for the day...then she went down for another nap at 1pm!!! So, I got a 45 minute power nap before I had to get up and ready for work...So, I'm feeling pretty good here at work. I've learned a good lesson...if I follow her natural nap cues, things go so much better...she's always been a pretty good sleeper, and I've been very blessed.

Cole's really excited, because there's not any food we've really given Talia that she doesn't like...unlike the boys, who are both still really picky. He's really hoping she'll be an adventurous eater, like him, but all I want is for meal time not to be a battle, like it is with Alec....Talia loves Animal Cookies...the kind with the Pink and White frosting and sprinkles...Cole calls them Quiet Cookies, because while she's eating them she's completely focused....

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