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Monday, February 25, 2008

Jammie Day!

So, as you can see, I got quite a bit done today during Talia's nap.....I truly did decide to have a Jammie Day....I'm still in my jammies now.
I really felt like I was in the scrapbooking "zone"...I rarely get this many pages done at home.
All in all, today has been an easier day for me emotionally. Doing these pictures didn't make me sad at all, which is an improvement of my mood of the last couple of weeks. I'm tired of being sad every time my daughter does something new, something that's supposed to be exciting to me, so today was good. My daughter is trying to "cruise"...she can pull up on anything now with little effort...I won't even feel her tugging on my pants, and there she is, standing beside me hanging on. And she can balance without holding on for a few seconds as well. It's really cute.
And I'm OK with it. Now, if only she'd stop sitting up in her sleep, then waking up crying because she can't figure out how she got there....
I also played the video game today...and passed it on the normal mode (I've passed it once before, but on the easy mode). It's really strange that I've enjoyed it so much, because I normally prefer to watch Cole play games like this, but I'm glad I've learned how to handle the controller at the very least. There will be sometime, I'm sure, that the boys will rope me into playing, and I need to be able to hold my own :).

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Dani said...

Too fun! I check your blog faithfully everyday to see how you guys are doing. Riley still talks about Alec and his "old" school. We need to get them together again.