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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Life Giver...

I was just reminded of the....IMPORTANCE....of my job. Here I am at work...we were busy admitting twins at the beginning of our shift, but the twins were doing well, and we were quiet. All of a sudden, my charge nurse pokes her head in our room, and says...Jen, get to room #### NOW!!!! So, I grab my crash box (with all my supplies) and run down the hall. I'm greeted by a terrifying and adrenaline producing site...a baby, head and part of the cord delivered, is stuck. My personal OB, (whom I think is amazing, and his actions tonight just reinforced my feelings) is helping another doctor to TRY to get the rest of the baby out. We know we're in DEEP, DEEP shit. I'm grabbing my supplies to put in the breathing tube, and finally they get the baby out. This baby was born dead. NO effort, no heart rate, nothing. NOTHING. I had a breathing tube in in less than 10 seconds after he hit my table...we started CPR, gave meds, and he came back to us. After an hour of us working with him, he's breathing on his own. He still has a bunch of hurdles to jump, but he is alive.

What a blessing it is to be the Lord's instrument in giving life.


min said...

Ohhhh... that gave me chills!
What a gift knowledge is!

Rachael said...

Oh Wow! Those kid of experiences have to make you appriciate life so much more. I'm just glad that there are people in the world like you, that are there when they are needed most.