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Saturday, June 28, 2008


I feel refreshed after a couple of days off, and time for myself and my kids....I got my hair done on Wednesday, and then...we went to the Zoo on Thursday. Me and my kids, my mom, my sil Brenda and her 3 kids, my aunt Nancy, my cousin Kelly, and her 2 kids. We started doing this several years ago, and we usually have a fun time. It really wasn't too terribly hot, all things considered, and the kids were really good.
Me and Talia on the train.... I just had to take pics of my boys and my nephew in front of the elephant bones (just for you, Honey)
My 2 oldest and Brenda's 2 oldest...Kyle, Alec, Parker, and Gracie.
My kids were really good, despite the fact that it took awhile, and by the time we left they were STARVING (but that's a whole other story)...and due to circumstances beyond my control, I missed a Pres meeting...and of course, I thought I had phone numbers in my phone so I could call and let people know I wasn't going to make it, but of course, I didn't....I need to fix that.

So, I'm back at work tonight...we're still psycho crazy, packed with more babies than we technically have bed spots for...and we had a nurse who had to go home, so I had to take over her group all by my lonesome...and right now I'm starting to count down minutes until I get to go home and spend 2 days with my family. Cole and the kids went swimming without me today while I went to work, and it's so hard to watch them go have fun when I know that my night is going to suck...but at least I got my bills paid. Finally.

Oh, and Mindy, thanks for the cute, cute bows...I can't wait to put them on her for the 4th....

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min said...

can't wait to show you Christie's technique... they are so fun!