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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I hate being sick!!!

So, the usual fall cold has hit our household. It started with Talia...she just had a bit of a runny nose on Sunday. So, monday night, while I was working, I started feeling icky. I went home, slept for 3 hours, got the boys off to school...all the while feeling worse, but not bad enough to call in sick. Then, when Talia and I laid down for our nap, I realized that I was getting really sick, and it was too late to call in sick to work. I couldn't sleep, I was so miserable. Then, my prayers were answered when I was called off, and didn't have to go in. So, I laid around the rest of the day, we ordered pizza for dinner(Cole's not feeling great either), and went to bed early. I had an ok night considering that I had a fever and couldn't breathe really well. Then, of course, I had to get up early this morning...Kyle had to be to school early for choir practice. My fever spiked up to 103, and I was throwing up until I finally got enough meds in me to bring the fever down. And of course, today of all days was a mandatory meeting at, drugged up on Ibuprofen, Dayquil, and Benadryl, I managed to make it through my meeting. And I'm feeling a bit better tonight...and I'm hoping to sleep better too.

Unfortunately, Kyle and Alec are starting with the sniffles too...I hope that they have it like Talia has..just a runny nose. I hope they don't get as sick as I've been....

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