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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back to remodeling...

We're finally back to remodeling least we have the stuff to get started. I found the moulding I wanted for the around the doors...we went last night to purchase what we needed. It's getting hard, with halloween getting closer, to think that we(meaning Cole) will have time to get all the finish work done. But Cole promises that he will cut all the boards and nail them up...all I have to do is paint them. I enjoy it, so it's no big deal.

I'm still fighting a cold, and I'm cranky, but I did get a small ego boost yesterday...I took in those brown pants I bought to be hemmed by the tailor that I like to go to. Last fall and this past spring she did some alterations for me (Aleena's, in riverdale in the strip mall behind Crown Bedrooms...she does great work for very reasonable prices). She made the comment "this is your size now? it's so small". She remembered that the pants she hemmed last fall for me were 12's, and these were 7/8' was just a little ego boost. We all need those.

Nothing else really new is going on, but I am getting my hair done on Friday, and I will get sleep tomorrow, since I have daycare for Talia. Now, if I could just kick this D*%# cold.....

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