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Friday, September 19, 2008

Voices from the Past

So, I had a fun and interesting day today. Cole and I, along with Talia, took his Mom and Grandma down to Salt Lake. We went to place flowers on the graves of Cole's Great-grandparents. My MIL has been having some health problems over the last 8 months or so, and thank goodness she's doing much better, but because of those issues, they weren't able to get to the cemetary for Memorial Day. I think everyone felt much better after MIL and her mother, for getting there and paying respects, Cole (and his Dad), for getting them there and back safely, and me, for getting to see the geneologic link to Cole's past.
Oh, and Talia had a good time too.
My MIL and her mother was a perfect day, beautiful outside and the temp was perfect! I find cemeteries fascinating and enlightening. I enjoy going there, seeing the graves of relatives from the past, and hearing stories told that I may not have heard before. Cole really enjoys cemetaries as well, so after we went home and napped, he and I(along with Alec and Talia--Kyle opted to stay home) went out to the main cemetary here in Ogden. He wanted some pics, and as long as we were there, I wanted to see my Great-Grandparents. Cole got some good pics, and posted them on his blog. We also saw Cole's grandparents graves while we were there, and some of that fascinating history came to light...Cole's grandma had twin sons before she had my FIL. They were 2 months early, and one died the day he was born and the other died the next day. But their birthday was the same as Talia's. I find these links quite interesting...did the Lord plan it that link the past to the present? Is is just a coincidence? These little details....
I remembered after I saw the gravestone that my FIL mentioned that Talia shared a birthday with his brothers that didn't survive. I think it gives a happy memory to a sad day....even though my FIL never knew his brothers, he felt his mother's sadness at their deaths...and remembers.

I guess that's what it's all about. Remembering. Remembering those voices from our Pasts.

I took a lot of pictures, but since the info on each gravestone is incredibly specific, I've chosen not to post them. I feel really good about what we did today.

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