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Friday, September 5, 2008

A girl can never have too many Shoes!

Even a 17 month old!!! I want to go on record that I only personally purchased 2 of those pairs of shoes. The other 12 (yes, there are 14 total pairs there) are courtesy of my wonderful friend Michele, who gives me hand me downs from her girls (that reminds me, Michele, I know you read this blog. You really need to get one of your own, so I can keep up with you now that you've abandoned me for your new job :) )...Oh, and one of the pairs of boots were my niece Gracie's, and my SIL was kind enough to hand them down to us. It's especially great, since my daughter LOVES shoes... (I don't know where she got that from, but I didn't take a pic of my shoes for a reason...I'm pretty sure that I have at least as many as she does.)

In case you're all wondering, I am feeling much better, although I still have the cold. We're in the runny, stuffy nose stage, but it's controllable. Yesterday, I got quite a bit done. Well, in between my whiny daughter. She misses the boys. I started cleaning out the fridge, and of course, the minute I had all the food out so that I could scrub the inside (Our brand new pampered chef pitcher had a crack in the bottom, and leaked red kool-aid all seeped in all the cracks under the glass shelves, and in the was driving me nuts, but I hadn't had a chance to clean it until yesterday)...anyway, the minute I had all the food out, my sweet baby decided that she wanted to be held. And put back down. And picked back up. And climb back down. And on and took me 3 times as long to do the job as it should have. Oh well....and I also got a year's worth of filing done. (yes, I know I should keep up on it, but I really, really hate to file). It took me 2 hours. But it's done :)!

The best things come in boxes...or play in boxes!

Loving the kitties (or mauling...whatever you prefer!)
Our Cat dog...he licked the remains of the cheese from Talia's snack off her hands, and then climbed onto her tray for any other remnants...

I know there aren't any pics of the boys, but they're gone at school all day. However, they are adjusting well to school. Alec actually ate school lunch every day this week. For those of you who know my middle child, this is a HUGE deal. So far, his homework has been easy for all of us. And Kyle...I'm so excited...he's loving school, doing well (100 percent on his first spelling test!)...but the best part (to me, anyway)...he's reading during his downtime. Without being asked, without timing it as part of his homework...he's reading just for the enjoyment of it. As an avid reader myself, this is soooooooo very exciting to me!!!!

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min said...

i'm glad you are feeling better! i get to see the boys everyday when they walk past me while i wait for lynn.. they are so cute! they always wave, and ash gets so excited to see alec.