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Monday, September 8, 2008

Our Weekend....

1st and foremost...Soccer is back in session. Now normally, I tend to enjoy soccer season despite the time drain it is....I love watching the boys play, and cheering them on. However, this year soccer has had a less than stellar start for us. I only have pics of Alec...both the boys' games were at the same time, and I went to Alec's. So, little rant...Alec's game was scheduled for 12. We got there at 11:45, found his team, and his coach told us that because the field we were supposed to play on was broken---the goal nets couldn't be put up because the bars were broken---we were going to be moved to a different field, and the coordinator was going to come find us and move us. 12 comes, no news. 12:15, still no sign of anyone. Finally, we figure it out ourselves, and start playing at 12:30. By this time, all the kids have lost the "pre game excitement". They weren't really interested in playing anymore. And their coach wasn't really coaching them...they just kind of ran all over the field...or didn't run all over the field. It was way past Talia's naptime, she was grumpy and then eventually crying and screaming....I had to go to work....Everything just seemed very unorganized and scattered, and because I still had to get home and get ready for work, I was frustrated. Cole reports that Kyle's game went much better.

So, I rushed home, ate and got ready for work, and rushed have and AWFUL night at work. I admitted a transport, who was very sick, and despite my best efforts, he got sicker and sicker all night, and by the time I left, we were waiting for the lifeflight team to take him to Primary's....I didn't leave his bedside all night, except for quick potty breaks, to grab a quick snack (since dinner didn't happen) on the run, or to get supplies. By the time anyone had time to say, "here, I'll sit by his bedside so that you can go eat" it was 1 am, and I didn't really want to eat...I just wanted to finish up and go home and crash. Which I finally did.

Of course, my crazy night at work caused a relapse in my cold...Sunday I woke up at 10, still completely wiped out, both physically and emotionally. Plus, I couldn't breath well again. I managed to drag myself to church, and make it through Primary. But we came home early...I don't deal well with Sacrament meeting after I've worked anyway, and with the way I felt just wasn't happening. My in-laws came over, they hadn't been able to make it up to see our new remodeling, my FIL brought Fred up for Cole..check out his blog for pics of what I'm talking about.

Alec and Talia had fun playing in the backyard....
Talia discovered was so cute. She started out just plucking the fuzz off, and watching it fly off her hands..then realized she could acutally pick them and look at them. She didn't blow the fuzz yet, though....
Fred. I did keep a few of the multiple pics Cole took of Fred on my camera...but if you want details about the fire, you'll have to check out the above link.

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Dani and Tom said...

I hate it when the weekends go to fast and not how we hope they would. I hope you can finally kick the cold for good. Tom wants you to tell Cole: "GO BRONCOS and the Raiders are going down tonight!!" :) I guess he has to have a little rivalary with someone from home! Anyways hope you feel better and way to go on the tiny jeans I have been keeping tabs on your fabulous progress!!