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Friday, November 28, 2008


So, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday...ours turned out VERY well, despite the fact that I had to work at 3pm. Our family met at my brother's house and had a nice, relatively relaxing dinner before I had to leave for work. It was very nice.

Work was busy, but in our small amounts of downtime, we were all scouring the Black Friday ads(as we always do!). Originally, Cole and I had not found anything we particularly were looking for. However, I didn't get through all the ads at home, and while looking through them at work I found the 1 thing I HAD to go after...
From Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

I've been trying to justify buying the Cricut Expression for a long time...I've wanted it ever since it came out. The $300+ price tag was just more than I could justify spending. However, Walmart had it for $199.00. It was just too good a deal to pass up. And then, a friend wanted to me to get some Cabbage Patch Kids for her girls. (and thank you, by the way, I don't know if I would have gone after them just for 1 doll for my princess, but getting some for you made it easy for me to get one for Talia too). So, my wonderful husband got to Walmart at 3 am to wait for my Cricut. I came over straight after work at 3:30, and decided that he would stay by the Cricut, and I would stay by the CPK's. We waited at our separate stations, and as always, traded stories with the people around us. Sometime around 4:40 (the sale wasn't supposed to start until 5), a bell went off somewhere by mistake, a ROAR went up, and we went at it. I grabbed the number of dolls I needed, and then I was able to pick through the pile, trading for the colors and features I wanted (Talia's has brown hair and green eyes, just like she does).
Cole had an interesting experience with the Cricut...there were only 12 of them. Of course, he got one pretty easily, given his size,strength and proximity. However, when he left that area to meet me, 3 women were wrestling over the last machine. Cole said that they all had their arms wrapped around it, none of them were giving up or letting go.
We were done and in line by 4:50, and were out pretty quickly(thank goodness, because Walmart's checkouts crashed shortly thereafter we found out). We headed over to Target to check out the $3-$5 DVD selection. We stood in line over there for an hour, then were able to get the things we wanted. We left Target, went to breakfast, and then got home before the little kids were awake (Kyle was awake). By that time, I was ready to drop, since I'd been up 22 hours. Cole headed out to Kmart, and I went to bed.

This afternoon, Cole and the boys put up Christmas in the yard.
Welcome to our "Winter Wonderland"...just add snow!
From Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

From Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

From Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

Jack will make an appearance when he's done being fixed. I'm off to play with my Cricut Expression now....

Oh, and a little note for Rachael H...I realize you've gone private, but is there any way I could get an invite? To your main blog and your recipe blog?


Min said...

yeah... where's the snow?!

Rachael said...

Yep... I just did it, Thanks Jenni,

Rachael said...

DId you remember to stop by Jo ann's on the way home and get you some cratridges. They were a really great price.