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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election and Tag...

So, first of all, I hope EVERYONE voted today. NO MATTER what your decision is, I really, really feel it's so important to let your voice be heard. So, Talia and I braved the snow this morning after I dropped the boys at school. It was fine, it didn't take long, and my voice was heard.

Anyway, this week's been all about taking down Halloween, and getting everything into storage.

My friend Judith Tagged me a few days ago....

I am--a gemini, a wife, a mommy, and sometimes, The Lords instrument in saving lives.

I think--Constantly, I feel like my brain never shuts up.

Everything in Life--has a plan and a purpose. Sometimes it's hard to accept that.

I want--to find a way to get rid of the clutter, more time with my family, to be able to do full pigeon pose someday...

I have--handsome sons, a gorgeous daughter, my soul mate, wonderful parents and In-laws, great siblings/in-laws...and many other things.

I dislike--backbiting, backstabbing, negative gossip, phony people. Can't we all grow up and get out of that High School mentality?

I miss--Grandma Ruth, Staci S, and Julianne C

I fear--that my sons will have to go to war, that my husband will die young, that my daughter will have the same trials I did, and that my grandpa won't be with us much longer.(I know I shouldn't fear the last, but I'm not ready to let him go, and it scares me to see how quickly he's deteriorating).

I feel--lucky to have a husband who understands me, Tired much of the time(but it's worth it for my kids).

I hear--alarms all night at work and sometimes in my dreams.

I smell--too much, my nose is far to sensitive, especially when I'm pregnant or hormonal.

I crave--lately, graham crackers with homemade vanilla frosting. Colored pink.

I cry--when we lose a baby at work, when we help a mom hold her preemie for the first time, when it hits me that my kids are growing so fast...and a lot of other times too...I'm an emotional crier for all the emotions.

I search--the internet for people I've lost track of, the house for an extra binkie or Talia's shoes(she's always running off with someone's shoes),

I wonder--about the future of our country, the economy, and Cole's job.

I regret--nothing major. There are all kinds of little regrets, I suppose. None that I can think of right now.

I wish--Cole's car would last us one more year...then my car will be paid off and we'll only have 1 car payment when we get him a new one...

I love--My husband, my children, my Family...the primary kids, "My" young women....the sisters I serve with.

I care--about the babies whose lives I save, their parents and families.

I always--wash my face and brush my teeth before I go to bed. Tell my kids I love them when they leave for school.

I am not--high strung with my family. I try to be a little more laid back.

I remember--that 5th and 6th grade were awful, that the first quarter of 10th grade was psycho and gave me headaches, and the night I fell in love with my husband. OH, and the births of each of my children.

I believe--That my church is true. And that you can't judge a church by how the people in it behave. That God is loving and forgiving.

I sing--everything. Lullabies to my babies. In the Car. In the shower. To my ipod as I'm cleaning. At the top of my lungs when I'm alone, and more normal tones when I have company. At work, if music is on. And sometimes when it's not.

I don't always--remember to change the sheets on my kids beds as often as I should. Or to put clothes in the dryer from the washer.

I argue--not often. It's not usually worth my stress.

I write--whatever I want. Especially in my's public because I make it so, but it's most of all for ME.

I win--not often. My fantasy football season proves that...I had a 1-7 record until this week when my team mangaged to win. I figure I already won everything I want and need with my husband and kids.

I lose--sleep every time I work. It's Ok, children won't be little forever, and it's worth it to me to work mostly while they're asleep. I'll have plenty of time to sleep when they don't need me as much anymore.

I listen--to everyone's side of the story. And usually try to stay neutral. I also keep everyone's secrets. If you confide in me, no matter what happens, it stays locked away.

I don't understand--why Heavenly Father makes good couples infertile, and allows young and/or drug addict mothers to birth multiple babies into terrible environments. I don't understand why so many of the above population keeps babies that they obviously can't care for properly. And I will never understand how anyone can harm a child in any way.

I can usually be found--At mom's pool in the summer, Cleaning the kitchen first thing in the morning, and in my bed at Talia's naptime.

I am happy--most of the time.

Whew...that was a long one. I tag (if you have the time)...Mindy P, Cami A, Christie J, Sherri V...and if you've already done this tag, sorry...I can't keep track.

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Min said...

Thanks for reminding me about my laundry in the washer :).. tomorrow... cross my fingers, I'll get the tag done!