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Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, another year of Halloween is finally over, and I must say it's a little bittersweet. I think it really was our best one ever...especially from the comments I have heard. So, thanks to everyone who came over and supported Cole's creative efforts!!

So, first things first....

For school, Kyle was a Mercenary (You'd have to know my 3 men, especially the father all stems from a couple of video/computer games)

From October 2008

Alec, after much changing of his mind, decided to be Iron Man....

From October 2008

Pumpking carving was fun, Kyle got to use a real knife for the first time, and both boys did all the carving and design of their pumpkins...they did a great job!

From October 2008

Then, on the 30th, we had a little "Test Run" to test lighting, fog machines, and make sure everything was working properly. We had a little Donut and Hot chocolate party for anyone who wanted to come....

From October 2008

Then, Halloween itself. Now, every year I get the question,"Do you dress up?" and when the answer is "NO!", I get asked, "Why not?". Well, it's really because I don't enjoy being dressed up, walking around trick or treating, and having to worry about being in costume AND running after my kids. I prefer to be comfy, in jeans and a hoodie, on halloween. It makes it more fun for me. This year, however, I decided to play around with my makeup, and came up with a rather dramatic look that got pretty good reviews. Cole actually compared me favorably with Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra", and said if he'd known I was going to "dress up", He would have bought me some accessories. I had a lot of dark blue eyeliner, diamond sparkles, etc...and no, my skin is not really that pale, it's actually paler...I have blush on to give me some color!

My favorite pics...

Talia was the most gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood EVER!
From October 2008

Kyle my Head Hunter...and Alec my Iron Man
From October 2008

Family Portrait
From October 2008

Me and the Kids
From October 2008

From October 2008

From October 2008

And of course, I can't forget the Man I LOVE!
From October 2008

I made that beaded necklace he's wearing...and I will NEVER work with hemp was a HUGE pain...but it turned out cool.

Now, on to MY time of the year...Thanksgiving and Christmas....Have YOU started your Christmas Shopping yet?


John and Sherri said...

Looks fun. I cannot believe all of your husbands Halloween garb- it looks great. Some year we'll have to come really check it out. On to Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Brooke said...

we didn't get around to coming to your house this year and I was upset. Evan was being a grump and then the rain.

Six-Pack Momma said...

Great job! My family looks forward to it every year...and they were begging to go through a second time.

Just me being me!! said...

Wow how fun!! Your kids are so cute!! Your hubby definitely has a hobby :)