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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Autumn!!

Happy Autumn! I LOVE this time of year. I love the cool tempuratures, wearing warmer clothes, seeing the leaves fall, and even seeing the winds blow the leaves all over the place. I especially love the colors of November...the Yellows, Oranges, and browns are colors that I can't wear because of my fair skin, so I only get to enjoy them in a decorative setting...which means I really only get to enjoy them in October/November.

So, I got my hair cut and colored last night, and my stylist just moved to this great salon in Layton, Salon Tantrum. While I was out there, I dropped by Hobby Lobby to buy the teal pumpkin I talked about in a post a couple of weeks ago. I was SOOOOO glad I stopped...all their fall stuff was 80% off, and they only had a couple of what I wanted left. The bigger one was too big for my mantel, so I went with the smaller one, and a couple of irridescent orange ones to go beside it...thus the pic of my now complete Autumn mantel. The best part (besides how much I like the way it looks) is that it only cost me $5.37.

Talia has a little bit of a cold, and has been VERY grumpy the last couple of days. I'm grumpy because I have to go into work today for a class...and still work 3 shifts this week. I hate to work extra hours...the $ isn't worth the time away from my family. The boys are great, and Cole is grudgingly working on Christmas...although he keeps trying to run ideas for next halloween by me, and I have to remind him that he can't ask me that until AFTER December 25th.

Enjoy the wind and the weather...I will be!


Min said...

Am I awful to be looking forward to the snow?! ;)

TumbleBee said...

oh that is so cute!and cheap!yay u!!!!