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Saturday, March 22, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

So, Dani tagged me for this one....

The smell of freshly washed sheets and blankets, while I'm snuggling under them.

The smell of my babies, fresh from the bath.

Chocolate, but right now, especially Cadbury Mini Eggs.

The first real snowfall of winter, when everything is covered by snow.
The first real warm day of spring, when everything seems fresh and new.

The sound of my children laughing.

My husband letting me sleep after I've worked, when I'm going to work, or when he just realizes that I need to.


Hot rolls with butter (real butter, not the margarine stuff), Mom's mashed potatoes and gravy.

Chocolate chip cookie dough, again, Mom's recipe.

Music at my fingertips, courtesy of my ipod.

Taking pictures of my family to scrapbook.


Shopping for clothes (for me, the kids, it really doesn't matter).

A Sephora store, right here in our JC Penney in Riverdale. I went in yesterday, and found myself in a personal heaven zone...I've bought almost all my makeup from for years, and now having one here, so close and convenient...I'm thrilled.

Homemade chocolate milkshakes, brownies with frosting (my mother is the best baker in the universe :) )

Watching my kids acquire new skills, and how proud they are when they learn something new.

The expression on Talia's face when I get her out of her crib in the excited, so ready to start the's untouched by the outside world, and a little piece of heaven right in my own house. (my boy's were like that when they were babies too...oh, the sweetness and innocence they have when they're so young...)

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