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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Update on my back...

So, yesterday after I posted, I remembered that I should have some percocet that hasn't expired...left over from when I had my tubal ligation. I went and found it in the linen closet. Then I had a see, percocet makes me loopy, and sometimes it makes me nauseous. So, finally, when I laid Talia down for her nap yesterday, I gave in and took one. Then I laid down...and I didn't really sleep. I dozed, but I kept getting head rushes where I could actually feel the blood rushing to my brain...I did get a little nausea also, but not bad because I took it with food. By the time Talia woke up, I only felt a little lightheaded from the meds, and Kyle was home from school so I knew he could help me if I needed it. The up side made moving around the house tolerable. I was still having some pain, but it was much more manageable, and allowed me to relax my muscles enough to deal with homework and lifting my baby up and down without tears.

Then, after the kids went to bed, I took another percocet, let it kick in, and then Cole used his bodyworking skills to fix my back...somehow I'd thrown my left hip out of alignment. He noticed it the minute I laid down on the floor for him to work on me. I'm pretty sure he's fixed I am sore, but more the muscles around the injury (the ones he had to massage and manipulate) are sore rather than the injury itself. I can walk without pain, and mostly lift Talia without pain. I'm just having to be really careful with everything I do. And I'm still taking the Advil for the anti-inflammatory effects.

So a little background on my back...I usually hurt my back about once a year. It goes back to my second quarter in college...I didn't have school for whatever reason, and I had plans to go over to spend the morning at Cole's house before he had to go to work. He called me at about 10:30..I was a half hour late. The phone had woken me up...I had overslept. He was mad at me, and yelled at me (now, I realized he had been worried that something had happened to me, but still...) and I was furious both with him and myself. I got in the shower, and was trying to hurry, and slipped and fell. I hurt my back, and ever since, about once a year, I re-injure my back in some way. It's normally about a 4 day process...a day of mild pain, a day of intense, incredible pain, and 2 days of soreness and healing. So, for this round, we're on day 3, and hopefully I will feel all better by friday.

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