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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just a Quickie post...

I don't have much time right now, I have to get stuff ready for primary this morning (that's why I'm on my computer, but every time I get on I can't help but check out all my buddies' blogs). I just had to post my great day yesterday...I went clothes shopping. I had great luck, but the best part....I fit into capri's that are a 7/8!!!!!!! I went down to the new Maurices in Riverdale first, and even though I know the Hydraulic line that I've always loved from there tends to fit a little big...I used to always have to be in a 9/10. Now I'm down a's an ego boost since I've been working so hard to lose just a few more pounds. I had great luck, got several T-shirts and the capris there, then headed down to the mall. I went to American Eagle, my other favorite place for cool t-shirts that are soft and stretchy....I got a couple of other shirts and some capri sweats that are also down a size from what I bought last summer (Mediums!!! I keep wanting to pinch myself)...then ended up at Dillards where I bought new nylons (to replace the ones Alec ruined in sacrament meeting last week), and a bunch of new socks...since all my regular white socks suddenly have holes. I hate that they all wear out at exactly the same time!!!
By the time I was done at the mall, it had gone from 60 degrees outside (when I left the house) to a sleety snow...I had Talia with me, and she was just in her cute warm up suit that Grandma and Grandpa gave her for Christmas...but I had had the foresight to throw both our coats in the car with us. What is it about suddenly bad weather that makes people idiots on the road? We've had tons of snow this year, shouldn't people be used to it by now?

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