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Friday, March 7, 2008

It's been a long day....

It's been a long, draining, emotional day.....It began when I woke to Talia at 7:15. Not too bad...Cole was off today, so he got the kids breakfast. Alec was going on a field trip today, and was beside himself with excitement....As in...."Mom, I have to be there at 8:30! What time is it?" "It's 7:40, Alec," I say. So he starts to watch the clock on the microwave. Needless to say, we got a minute by minute countdown ("Oh, it's 7:51, and we have to be there at 8:30, right Mom?")...and I'm not exaggerating. He actually looked at the clock and told us the time until we managed to distract him by telling him to go watch the fish around 8:10. And then, he and Kyle started wrestling in the "Fish room" they ended up sitting on the couch with their arms folded until it was time to go to school. And of course, since their mother spaced off the fact that class pictures were yesterday, I had to get dressed, take them to school, try to find a parking spot, and then go into the school to deliver picture my sweats. Oh, well. Then, back home, where Cole had to do some stuff for work on his laptop...and I tried to relax a bit, but my poor baby....She's cutting molars and has a cold, and has been miserable (for her). She has so much drool, she's choking on it..and when she lays down to nap or sleep, she coughs herself she's a sad case. By the time I laid back down for a nap, I had a massive headache. Then I woke up with the headache still pounding. I got ready for work, and came here...only to have my night filled with pulled code buttons, lifeless babies, tons of meconium deliveries...and a mom who is so post-partum depressed she's a little...difficult...and her temper was focused on me tonight, so she was in tears, I was in tears, etc. We worked out her concerns...but I'm emotionally exhausted. Then came all the meconium deliveries, and I suctioned so much meconium out of the lungs of one of the babies...but thank goodness it came out. Now I just have to get through 2 more hours, and I can go home to the oblivion of my warm, cozy bed and cuddle next to my wonderful husband. Hopefully, when I wake up, I will have a positive attitude about coming back here tonight.

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mommamin said...

k jen... don't worry! i have clips. let's figure out when and let's do it together. we can do a bracelet too if you don't already have one. lynn would love to play with alec!