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Saturday, May 17, 2008

What a great week!!!!

I had a great week starting on Tuesday...I was called off on Tuesday, so I was rested for Wednesday...instead of tired like I would have been. A whole extra day off....which I spent in my sweat capri's and a t-shirt. I did shower, but I did the no makeup, and felt great. So great, that I contemplated having the same kind of day on Thursday...but I had a bunch of stuff I needed to get done, so....I kicked shopping butt on Thursday....this is my haul....
A new bedspread and decorative pillow for Talia (we like to put our kids in beds around 15 months, but I had to find matching colors for her room. A friend told me Mervyns had a matching color scheme, and they were having a bedding sale, so...) Sandals for the boys, and canvas shoes for Talia...a couple of pairs of shorts for Kyle (we'll cut off all his jeans after school's out), and 4 new pairs of shorts for Alec (He's finally put on enough weight to outgrow his jeans :))
A swimsuit for Alec (Kyle and Talia already had theirs)...because my mom's opening the pool on the 24th. Sunscreen wipes for me (I've heard great things about MD Skincare's sunscreen wipes)...and I tried them today and I love them. Then, I've wanted to try the Slimquick extreme...and found it at GNC for a reasonable price. We'll see if it works better than the normal one...All in all I felt I accomplished quite a bit.

Friday was the second "Mini Society" day...Kyle's partner from last time told him afterschool on THURSDAY that he wasn't going to be his partner again....Which irritated me a little because of the last minute thing...but it worked out GREAT for Kyle...

This was his stand this time. We told him to get a place along a wall, not in a corner so that everyone would have to walk by...he sold all his "crystal" skulls, all his regular skulls, and almost all the bracelets...He made almost 500 Scholar dollars. Add that to the 350 he had in his "bank"...I was really happy about it, and he was too. Then I went scrapbooking at Mindy's Friday night...I didn't get much done, I wasn't in a real creative mood, but it was good to hang out, eat whoopie pies, and talk with the girls...

Today was the last soccer game (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I love watching their games, but it really eats up our Saturdays. Kyle's team seemed like it finally "clicked" in the 3rd quarter today...until they got all tired out, they played so well. Kyle played really well too, I was so proud of him.

The camera died when I was at Alec's game, but he didn't really play well today (he was distracted playing with his shadow), and I have other pics of him playing, so I don't feel too bad.
I did get this cute pic of Talia sleeping...she fell asleep in the car after Kyle's game on the way to Alec's...we thought for sure she'd wake up when Cole took her out of the car, but she slept for 45 minutes on the blanket...I hope that means that she'll start sleeping better in places other than her crib or her carseat (like church, for example).
I tried to get a nap after the games, but I didn't sleep well...and now I'm here at work. I'm working with a bunch of friends, so it's shaping up to be a fun night.

So that's the, sum of our week....

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min said...

i want another scrap night... i still have many whoopie pies ;)