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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, I'm feeling kind of blah, blah, blah. I haven't had anything spectacular to post. Most of my "blog list" hasn't had much to post (but a HUGE THANK YOU to those that have!)'s that blah, ambivalent time of year, I guess.

I got called off was my turn, and we're still slow. It turned out OK though....Talia has a cold, and she wanted to cuddle with Mom and watch Finding Nemo for the 1000th time. That makes it 9,999,999 times that I have watched that show. However, it's really a great show, and doesn't irritate me that much. There are worse things my kids have liked to watch over and over...(can we say Barney and Teletubbies when Kyle was little? I shudder to remember those days...).

I'm currently trying valiantly to fight off the cold Talia has...and I think I'm losing.

The boys got haircuts on Saturday...but I don't have pic yet....

I can't find a dress for Talia to wear to my sister's wedding....well, maybe I've found one, we'll see....

My daughter parrots everything we say. I've learned that apparently, I say D**mmit too much, and Cole says S**t too much. Working on that, but I can't help but laugh when she copies us.

Along with the parroting, she's getting so good at expressing what she wants through words. "No want it", "something else", and "watch Nemo" are just a few of the phrases she is using on a regular basis. She's also decided that she wants water, not Milk...I've had to lay down the law that she gets milk at meals, and can have water the rest of the time. She also asks every morning at breakfast for Chocolate. I tell her no chocolate for breakfast, but truly, she's a girl after my own heart.

We're struggling with Alec right now. He's at that phase where they stop listening to parents. I'm soooooooooooooooooo very tired of repeating myself 50 million times. I remember when Kyle went through this, but considering Alec's personality, I was hoping he'd pass it such luck.

Kyle is starting to figure out the more adult male/female dynamic. Cole reports that Kyle is all of a sudden very interested in male female interactions on the movies/shows he watches (Those in my family, this is NOT a license to tease him about it...PLEASE!). I know this is an appropriate developmental milestone, but it makes me sad to see him getting so grown up.

That's all about us for now...hopefully spring will come soon, and maybe my blogging mood will improve with fun outdoor activities and pictures....

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Rachael said...

Yeah... I have to remember to not say the things that pop up in my head in front of my kids. I hope your better soon.