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Friday, March 6, 2009

It's OVER!

So, I hosted a Bridal Shower for my sister yesterday. It's been a week full of preparations, but I was REALLY happy with the way it turned out. The last time I gave a bridal shower, at my old house, only 3 people showed up (Remember Staci?) I've been so nervous this week, and especially yesterday.

I had my little checklist of what needed to be done, and started working on it over the weekend. Wednesday I baked all day (Whoopie Pies, Thank you Mindy! and a dip for Nilla Wafers or Graham crackers called Cookie Dough Dip). I didn't want to do all my deep cleaning until AFTER I was done baking...I tend to be a messy baker. So, yesterday, I cleaned like a maniac...vacuumed all the furniture, swept, mopped, bathrooms, and got rid of my clutter spots (not that they'll stay that way, but I'll try!). Cole took the boys down to Fat Cats for bowling, and Talia stayed with me.

We had GREAT turnout and response from our family. This was my Dad's side of the family, and we had representation from all of my Dad's Brothers' and Sisters' Families. It was so fun...since my Grandma died, we don't see each other often, and we have always been close. When we get together it's like we've never been apart, except we have to catch up on all the news. I Love seeing my cousins and aunts. I was completely EXHAUSTED when it was finally done...I changed into my jammies, laid on the couch, Cole went and grabbed us some dinner, then massaged my back and shoulders. AHHHHHHH......

So, it was a great bridal shower, everyone loved the dessert selection we had...and now I can relax, because it's over. Plus, my weekly cleaning is done a couple of days early. :)

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Brian and Staci Staples said...

Yes, I remember that pitiful shower. Not that you did a pitiful job. It just tells you what great "work" friends I had at the time. I feel bad that you put all that work into a shower that noone came to. And just in case I didn't say it back then, THANK YOU! for your time and effort. It has not been forgotten!