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Monday, March 16, 2009

On the Mend

Well, I think we're on the mend. It's been exhausting...between me and Talia having the cold, Kyle coming down with it over the weekend, and Alec was coughing this morning (I'm praying it was just because he didn't want to eat his breakfast). Today, though, I finally feel good again. I was able to workout again, although not up to the intensity I was at before I got sick. Not for quite as long, either...but I made up for that by walking to and from the school for Kyle's play today. Speaking of Kyle's play....
From March 2009

Here's my very own Grizzly Bear...who wrestled with one of the famous "Mountain Men" (it's terrible, I can't remember which one and I just saw the play an hour ago). Kyle and his classmates did a great job acting out the Tall Tales. I was really proud of him.

We had one last bridal shower for my sister last Saturday. I did attend, although I still wasn't feeling the greatest. It took all my energy, I basically went home and crashed. It was a lot of fun aunts and Gran did a great job.
From March 2009

From March 2009

(my sister ALWAYS blinks!)
From March 2009

I feel like this wedding is occupying my whole month...not that I mind. I am so excited to see my sister marry this amazing man she loves. His family is so great too...but I will be glad to get back to normal...whatever that is.

Our nephew Hunter turns 1 this Saturday. Chris and Brenda had his party a week early, so we celebrated yesterday.
From March 2009

From March 2009

On the subject of birthdays...our baby is quickly approaching her second one...and we are approaching the "potty" frontier. She's asking to go potty a couple of times a day at least. She's usually just gone in her diaper, but she definitely recognizes that she's going. She mostly just makes gas while sitting there...although Sunday morning she was pooping, but didn't quite finish before she stood really wasn't that much of a mess, we just scooped it from the potty seat into the toilet, and praised her profusely...
From March 2009

(like the "clothes" I created in Paint...she was naked, and I just didn't feel OK posting her sitting naked on the toilet).
Cole just rolled his eyes at the princess potty seat and the pink if I would get anything else for my little princess!

Hoping for a healthy week....


Rachael said...

My Husband will probably roll his eyes two when I buy Kimmy a princess potty set. I love Talia's Clothing, It looks like a cute, neon, messy dress. I'm with you on not feeing comfortable about posting a naked baby on the internet. I'm glad your feeling better! :)

Nathan said...

So...when I saw "on the mend" and Kyle's red face, I was a little intrigued...I thought someone had some terrible disease from the innermost parts of Africa or something!!! You had me worried there for a second!

Six-Pack Momma said...

GOTTA get the pink potty- something men just don't understand! ;) He he! Glad you're feeling better!