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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is what sick looks like at our house today. When I got home from work, I immediately went to check on the boys. Alec was sleeping soundly, but had a fever. Kyle was restless, said his stomach hurt, and then rushed to the bathroom to throw up. So, no school again today. At least I didn't need to set an alarm...I got almost 4 hours before they got up. Kyle threw up on and off throughout the early morning, but felt like eating around 8:30 and had been fine that way ever since. Both had fevers in the 103-104 range this morning...even alternating tylenol and advil, their fevers didn't go away. The boys watched a movie downstairs in the morning, and I put a movie on for Talia upstairs...hoping she won't get sick if I can keep her away from the boys. Of course, all she wants to do is be with Kyle. After lunch and another round of advil for the boys, I again was a mean mother and made them lay down for naps. The good news is, this afternoon, their temperatures are back to normal. Maybe they'll be able to go to school tomorrow...they've already missed 2 1/2 days.

The hardest part of this is for Kyle...the Space Derby for cub scouts is tonight. He worked really hard on his rocket, we even used my Cricket to make some cool decals that he modge-podged on...and now he won't be able to go. He's really sad, and I feel really bad, but we can't pass this along if we can help it.

Cole is also feeling crappy...he had to go to work today, but he ended up coming home early, and is napping in the basement as I type. He said he didn't sleep much last night.

Now to come up with something easy for dinner. Although I have had some sleep, and dozed in a chair while Talia watched Nemo, I'm still tired.

And of course, if the boys get to go to school in the morning, tomorrow will be about all their make up work....


Rachael said...

Those faces look so sad. ;)

Julie said...

I'm happy to hear your boys are better. Good luck to you girls. It'll just pass over you, right?

Six-Pack Momma said...

We missed Kyle tonight...

I'd keep 'em home another day or two...teachers are really good about not making them make up EVERYTHING they missed. Especially if it means they don't come back before they are all better.

Hope they feel better soon!