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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time flies...

I am currently working my 4th shift in the last 5 days. I was blessed to have daycare for Talia today, but my cell phone has rung nonstop all day, so I didn't get undisturbed sleep (I turn off the ringer on my regular phone, but I leave my cell phone on vibrate just in case daycare or the school needs to get hold of me. Of course, today the school called. Among others.) I'm tired. However, I'm looking forward to the rest of the week...all the fun that comes along with my sister's wedding. Friday is the big day...I can't wait. I'm sure she's even more excited than me!

So, the reason the school called...While showering Saturday night, Alec got shampoo in his right eye. I just barely switched the boys to regular "adult" shampoo (Kyle really needs it). I told both the boys that they would have to be very careful, that it would sting if it got in their eyes. So, Alec gets it in his eyes. I'm at work, Cole tries to flush it out, but Alec fights him, so he figures it's not that bad. Alec spends all Saturday night crying. Cole finally gets tired of it, and flushes Alec's eye out well (in the middle of the night). Fast forward to Sunday morning...after I wake up. Alec's eye is bright red. On examination, it's quite obvious that the shampoo burned. He's always been sensitive to chemicals in his eyes. Yesterday there was no school, so I didn't have to worry about it. Today, his eye looked better, although still red. So I didn't even think about NOT sending him to school. Halfway through the morning, Alec's teacher notices that his eye is red and it has some discharge. She (as she should) sends him to the office, thinking it's Pink Eye. I can see how they'd make the mistake, and I'm grateful that they're that observant. I told the office the real reason, and no other problems. I wish I had thought to send a note to school, though.....

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