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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Conversations with an (almost) 2 year old...and other random things.

So, I've been having(or overhearing) some interesting conversations in my house lately.

Thursday night/Friday morning, 1:41 am, I hear Talia whimpering in her room. I get up, and go in to check on her...

Mommy - Talia, it's time for sleep, what's the matter?
Talia - (cue whiny voice) Cupppppyyyyyyy....
Mommy - No cuppy in bed.
Talia - (cue demanding voice) WANT A DRINK!!!
Mommy - Ok (mommy stumbles down the hall to the kitchen, gets the water sippy cup out of the fridge, and takes it down to Talia).
Talia - (drinks)
Mommy - (takes the cup away) It's time to sleep, night night
Talia - Want Milk!
Mommy - No milk in the night. Go back to sleep, it's night night time.
(Talia continues to talk to herself and play in bed for about an hour...which means no good sleep for mommy).

Another one...
(Talia turns on her charm for Daddy's while he's eating toast)

Talia - (big smile) Taste?
Daddy - You want a taste of my Peanut butter and honey?
Talia - Please taste honey?
(Daddy lets her take a bite)
Talia - Nummy Taste!!! (with a huge smile)....

Maybe you had to be there, but both these conversations made me laugh. She is developing quite a vocabulary...

I got a lot done on my Thursday off...made bracelets for the 3 little girls (Talia, my niece Gracie, and my sister's soon to be niece Abby) to wear to the wedding. The 3 little girls are going to match(we hope) and their bracelets are so cute. I also made myself one that goes with my new dress...I will post pics when I get the chance. I also repaired all the bracelets that Talia broke a couple of weeks ago. She's been better about not breaking them if I remind her.

The wedding is less than a week away....and of course, Cole got a summons for Jury Duty this week. He called Friday night...and has to call back on Wednesday. We're hopeful that he won't get called in...they only called 1-37 for Monday thru Wednesday, and his number is in the 80's...

My Husband didn't have anyone show up to help clean the church this he and my 3 kids did it by themselves. I am still a bit annoyed that our Ward's turn is during both soccer seasons...It puts a huge strain on me every Saturday during soccer season. I'm trying to think positive, and remember the blessings, but when no one shows up, the responsibility falls on my family....

I had a whole bunch of other random things I wanted to post about...but they've gone right out of my short term memory. I'll post later if I remember...

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Rachael said...

Talia sounds like a doll! Don't you love the sweet little power those little princesses have over their Daddies?

You should put some peoples numbers in your phone, I don't normally sign up to clean the church, cause I don't know what our plans are for Saturday. But If I was called I would totally come over and help.