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Friday, April 17, 2009


I have always been a good student. I love to read, love to write, etc...although, starting in 5th grade, math became a struggle because I disliked it so much. I never minded spelling tests, book reports, or any manner of school assignments. So I'm often baffled by the intensity of which I dislike doing homework with my kids. I really, REALLY dislike homework. I resent the time it takes...takes away from my family, takes away from my time on my days off...and I know it's hard on Cole too on the nights I'm at work. I'm sure it's partly because when I was in school, homework was almost non-existent...I had to read, study spelling words, and of course take home anything I didn't finish...but for me that wasn't much (until 5th grade math :)). So I never minded the occasional book report or project. Maybe my parents did, I don't remember...but my mom is a teacher, so she always was able to help me focus on what I needed to do for this or that project. Don't get me wrong...we've been very, very blessed to have teachers that for the most part believe in minimal homework. I think they do fine with what they do...but the sheer amount of work kids are now expected to do makes it necessary for kids to do some of it at home. I don't like this change, but it's not up to me.

So, Tuesday Kyle had his county report due. He had been assigned Box Elder county. We've known about this for a couple of weeks. He had a power point presentation, most of which was to be done at school, and an oral report. So, Kyle was sick for 3 days during the first week of April. The week they worked on most of the Power Point during class. Ok, well, we told Kyle to get as much done during the time left at school, then bring it home over spring break, and we would finish it. Well, guess who left their flash drive at school over spring break. With his report due on Tuesday, the first day back.
So, Cole went and bought another flash drive, and he and Kyle (because I worked most of it) spent spring break starting over on the power point, working on his oral report, and making fake ice cubes with Box Elder bugs in them (out of casting resin). By the time Monday came around, we were all tired of Box Elder county, tired of working on the report. I helped Kyle do his display board on Monday and enjoyed the creative effort of helping him figure out how to lay it out, and making letters with my Cricut for him to glue on, if not the time it took to actually do it.

So, Tuesday came around, and his teacher wasn't there, so his report got changed to today. The fake ice cubes were the attention getter, and according to Cole, who went and watched the report, they were a big hit. The report itself went well, Kyle got nervous (of course, doesn't everyone?).

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Over all, it went well, we're glad it's done, and now I'm trying not to dread state reports next year.


Rachael said...

Way to go Kyle and Cole! I want to have Cole help my kids with visuals when they have to do reports, projects, etc.

Cole said...

Just realize, everything is going to have a Halloween, or insect inspiration to it.