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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wake up Calls...

I work in a life or death business. A good deal of what I do is keeping babies alive. You would think that I would have a daily understanding of the reality of life and death. However, I got a huge wake up call about the fragility of life....

I got up a bit early to make waffles for the kids. I turned on the Fox 13 news, because I'm a news junkie and I like their news the best (usually). On comes a report on a chase in Ogden last night, that resulted in the death of 2 innocent teens. Somehow, I had a bad feeling that I knew one of them. Sure enough, I did. The 18 year old young man who died, was our neighbor until last fall. His mom was Alec's preschool teacher for 2 years, his Dad was our home teacher, and his sister was one of my young women (one of the ones I am closest to). At first in shock, then hoping it wasn't really acceptance and grief. He was such a nice young man with a promising future. Thank goodness for our religious foundation. How else do you get through these things?

I can't even imagine what his family must be going through. As a parent, how do you deal with the loss of a child? It makes me want to hold my children all the closer, treasuring every moment I have with them, because I have to accept that although I want to see them grow to old age, the Lord may have other plans.

Needless to say, I've had quite a contemplative morning. Woken up with a real slice of reality.


Rachael said...

I can't believe it either. They are such a great family. I know where there other house is. Maybe I should go over there and take them something. This is so unreal, what do you do?

Jodi said...

What a tragic story. Really makes you stop and appreciate every little thing even more doesn't it?? He looked like such a great young man. So sad!!