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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beus Pond

Beus pond is one of mine and Cole's favorite places. When we were dating, we loved to take picnics up there, walk the trails, sneak off trail for a few minutes....we got engaged there, we took our engagment pictures there. We have a lot of history there....

We went there a lot when Kyle was little too. However, by the time Alec came along, the park vibe wasn't so friendly. It became a hangout for an unsavory crowd, and we felt uncomfortable taking our young, impressionable boys there...not to mention that I didn't feel entirely safe. We haven't been there in a few years...

On the 24th, Talia was sick in the morning. By the evening, however, she was feeling better and a little stir crazy. Cole and I needed to run to Lowes, so we took her along. She needed an outlet for her renewed energy, and because she loves birds so much, we decided to detour to Beus.

I was so glad we did! The park has been cleaned up since we last went. There were "normal" activities going on...walking the trail, families with kids, feeding the was great.
From July 2010
There was so much "cotton" from the cottonwoods, it almost looked like there was a blanket of snow. I got some really cool's a teaser, check out my picture blog for some others...
From July 2010

Cole and Talia on the bridge that We got engaged on....
From July 2010

I love ducklings...
From July 2010

He might have come a little closer if we had real food, not just a leaf Cole was trying to pass off as food...
From July 2010

We had a nice walk, I'm sure we'll go back soon.

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