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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lagoon at Night

I didn't have to keep my call shift on Thursday night. We decided to take advantage by taking the kids to Lagoon after dinner.

We got there just after 7, the time we are usually leaving. It was packed, but not nearly as hot as I thought it was going to be.

The kids played in the water while I filled up my mug...
From July 2010

As always, our first stop was the Jumping Dragon...Talia's favorite thing to ride first.
From July 2010
From July 2010
Why is it that none of my children can ever look at the camera and smile at the same time?

We decided to take one of the last opportunities to see the "Cirque Innosta Presents L'orage" show...we saw a contortionist, a "loose rope walker", a girl who did balances and tricks on a hanging ring, and a really cool guy who balanced on tubes and rings...

From July 2010
From July 2010
I want that kind of strength and balance....

Watching the show...
From July 2010
From July 2010
(all the show pictures were taken without a flash, -1 exposure, and 800 ISO. I was really happy with how well some of them turned out.)
From July 2010
Freaking Amazing, but half the fun was watching him set up to balance....

By the time the show was done, Lagoon was close to closing. We rushed to get in a few rides....
From July 2010
Me and the boys on the Jet Star...which totally wrenched my neck. I'm still sore today...
From July 2010
Hitting the Roller Coaster....when we got off the Roller coaster, everything was shutting down. We hurried to get treats bought for the ride home.
Surprisingly, none of the kids fell asleep on the way home. Too involved with eating their yummy treats...We all crashed pretty quickly at home, and the boys slept til almost 9 am yesterday morning...that's sooooo late for them.

We'll definitely have to do the night thing again, it was really fun!

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Mindy said...

Night is our favorite, even though we pay for it the next day. Bedtime is business time around these parts. ;)
(Awesome no flash pics too by the way!)