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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Alec!!!

8. It's kind of surreal. The 2nd major milestone birthday for our family this year.

We decided to do a low key birthday celebration for Alec this year. With his baptism planned for Saturday, and a party after, I didn't need any more stress. Plus, it seems every time I try to plan a party for one of my children, it's an inconvenience for some, and I won't let even a hint of that spill over to my children...I want their birthday to be all about them.

Alec asked me to make cupcakes with chocolate frosting. (That was a surprise in and of itself). I had a thing I had to attend at work in the morning. We went swimming in the afternoon, grabbed McDonalds for dinner, and then opened a few presesnts.

From July 2010
From July 2010
He was thrilled with his gifts, from the cash from his different grandparents, to the HUGE Bionicle and new DS game from Cole and I. Unfortunately, I didn't have the settings on my camera right to get good pictures of him blowing out the candles, but all in all, I think he had a nice, special day.


Mindy said...

Happy birthday Alec!

Julie said...

Sounds like a nice day. Happy birthday, Alec!