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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getaway...Day 1

My mom and I took a little mini vacation this past week. We headed up to Park City for some shopping and fun...

We had a little slow start. When my mom came to pick me up, she noticed that one of her tires was low. We dropped by Les Schwab to get it checked out, and it had a nail in we had to get the tire fixed. We were grateful we caught it before we headed up the canyon...

We arrived, grabbed some lunch, and headed to the Outlets. I got the kids some clothes, myself a wallet, sports bra, and a spatula (yes, I realize that's a little strange, but with all the baking I'm doing, I needed it). I also got to help my mom pick out some very cute new things....we had a great time. After we were done shopping, we thought we'd go check out the Olympic Sports park. Neither of us had been there, and we wanted to see what the activity prices were, as well as what was available. We saw a bunch of cool stuff...

From July 2010
From July 2010
From July 2010
Skiers practicing jumping and their tricks, landing in the pool...
Then we spent almost an hour watching the preliminaries of a ski jumping was really cool to watch.
From July 2010
From July 2010
From July 2010
This marmot wandered right into the middle of the ski jumping hill...right at the bottom where if he'd been hit, it probably would have killed him and injured the skier...thankfully he crossed without incident...
From July 2010
A side view of the's amazing how much air they get.

After we were done watching, we went up to Park City Resort. We wandered a bit, ate excellent mexican at the Baja Cantina, and then decided to walk main street.

I was a little disappointed in Main street. Many of the cool stores I remember from years past are gone...and I didn't find anything special in my favorites of the remaining stores. After we walked main street, we headed back to turn in for the night....

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Rachael said...

I agree with you Main St. isn't all that great.