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Friday, July 9, 2010

Ode to Temporary Stupidity....

Remember these shoes?
From March 2010
(the ones on the right).

So cute, and I thought they'd be perfect for wearing to Lagoon this summer. I don't like to wear sandals to Lagoon, I prefer my feet to have a little more protection in that environment.

The only problem with the shoes, was that after I wore them a couple of times, I noticed that for walking the asphalt at Lagoon, they just didn't have enough padding in the heels. No problem, I thought, I would just get some insoles for them.

Unfortunately, I didn't think about the fact that adding an insole with padding would also change where the shoes hit the back of my heel.

The result...
From July 2010
Horrible blisters after walking from the entrance to the South side of the park. I really thought it wasn't that bad, and I braved it...but the pain was soon terrible. I limped to the car for bandaids and neosporin...which covered the problem, but didn't help the pain. I gave up on my shoes, and now I'm the proud owner of these...
From July 2010
Relatively cute, purple fake Crocs. After getting my bandaids, and realizing that they weren't enough protection, I limped to Lagoon's Surf shop. I have to send all my thanks, gratitude, and blessings out to the cute salesgirl, who saw me desperately searching for my size (which must be popular, all the sizes they had out were either too big or kids), asked me what color I wanted, and pulled the size I needed. They also had some really cute flip flops, but I'm not a flip flop girl...having something between my toes is always painful for me. The crocs were only $10, a small price to pay for not ruining my family's night at Lagoon.

The really sad thing...everyone else in line was also buying shoes, and for the same reason. I guess it was just one of those days....


Rachael said...


Yeah, My mom bought me those Keds type shoes all the time growing up. They were cute, but never comfortable. Sorry for your pain. I would totally recommend some nice comfy sneakers.

Mindy said...

I have been having far too many stupid (or blonde) moments lately. Thank heavens there was a remedy for your moment when you needed it!

Dani said...

Owwee! That is the worse, I seem to always regret my "cute" shoe choice once we have to walk further than 30 yards!

Julie said...

Ouch, Jen. Glad you found some new shoes so you didn't have to suffer (much) the rest of the night.