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Friday, July 9, 2010

More Lagoon!

We headed out to Lagoon again last night. It was incredibly crowded, but all things considered we ended up pretty lucky. Part of the reason is that when we head out to Lagoon, we try to have a really laid back vibe. If we go, and it's busy, and we only get to ride a few things, it's ok...that's the beauty of having season passes. We don't feel obligated to spend hours and ride EVERYTHING.

From July 2010
Talia loves the bell on the statue that decorates the entrance to the Jumping Dragon (all the kids seem to)

From July 2010

From July 2010

It was hot, but we had a good time!


Rachael said...

One day... I'm envious of your ability to take your kids to lagoon anytime.

Do you think you could have Cole talk Jesse into caving?

Hey, I can't even buy a trampoline!

Mindy said...

Lynn said she saw Alec there. I thought it a possibility.. and here it is, confirmed!