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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Arizona - Day 3 Part 1

Cole only had to work a 1/2 day on our final day in Arizona, so I needed something to do with my kids in the morning.  On our walk the night before we had seen a hiking trail going up the hill, so I decided that we would go exploring.  The kids were really excited to use their new hydration packs, and I was excited to do something really active (I'd missed my runs during this vacation week). 

The weather was beautiful...

From August 2011

My little hikers..

From August 2011

I wanted a picture with me in it, so I had Kyle take one...then Alec wanted to take one too...

From August 2011

From August 2011

We hiked along the trail until I got a text from Cole saying he was headed back. 
Talia loved her hydration pack...

From August 2011

From August 2011

We had a really good morning. 

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Rachael said...

Sounds like such a fun trip.