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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The first day of School...2011

How did it come to this?  Where did the summer go?  I think we got cheated by those cold, rainy weeks in June.  This morning, I got up early to make a nice hot breakfast for the kids on their first day, like I ususally do.  This year, however, that meant getting up a whole hour earlier, and breakfast in shifts because I now have a child in junior high. 

I made pancakes...I use Bisquick, but I have my own addition to the recipe that makes them delish.  Unfortunately, I wasn't fully awake when I started the first batch (morning is NOT my time) and I put in baking soda instead of baking powder...I ruined Kyle's share, with no time to fix it.  Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right? 

I'm glad he still lets me take his picture without a fight...
From August 2011

From August 2011

Sending my big kid down the street for his first day having to ride the bus to school...
From August 2011

And then I worried about him, so I walked down the street, barefoot and in my jammies, until I could see the bus and that he'd gotten on.  Yes, I was having anxiety. 

Then it was time for round two.  I made pancakes for Alec and Talia, this time the correct way and to rave reviews.  Alec is finally eating food, and the boy who used to eat nothing for breakfast but chocolate pop-tarts is starting to appreciate real food. 

My big 4th grader...
From August 2011

From August 2011

He was so excited to be out from under the watchful, sometimes bossy eye of his older brother. 
From August 2011

And another school year has begun!

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Rachael said...

Kyle has gotten so big in the last year. It's crazy how much he's grown. He doesn't look like a kid anymore.