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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkins, Haunted House, and more Halloween Stuff

We had a really fun the pumpkin "patch", at the Haunted Hollow, and of course, with Cole's newest project out.

Just a review...I really thought the Haunted Hollow---out the 12th street exit on 1900 West---did a really good job. It opens at 7:30 (we were a bit early, but no big deal). It's $15 for adults, kids 6 and under are free. It took us about 30 minutes to walk through. The actors did a really good job balancing the scaring with not getting too intrusive on my personal space, which is always an issue with me at these types of attractions. There are loud noises, and the boys clung to us through the entire thing, but did really well. Alec kept telling the actors that he wasn't scared of them. Kyle's always quiet through these things, but he did really well also. Of course, my kids are somewhat desensitized to things most kids find scary. After all, we currently have a skeleton laying on the couch, and no one in my house bats an eye at that.

Come on by the house after dark if you live in the looks pretty cool. It's definitely my favorite setup so far.

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min said...

Oooh! We've been looking out for a good (but reasonably priced) haunted house... this one sounds good!